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>> If you registered for a workshop and want to check about the time or other details, you can find this on the workshop page where you made your purchase. All pages stay online through the workshop date.

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>> We do not have wait/cancellation lists for our workshops. Cancellations are very rare. Good news: Almost all of our workshops will be offered again!

>> Our workshops take place at 810 Dufferin Ave, second floor, unless otherwise noted.


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About our prices


About our prices

Some of our favourite makers have taken a vow of transparency to share what goes into the price of their seemingly-expensive products. We were inspired to do the same.

How to offer craft workshops at a cheap price:

-Pay your instructors minimum wage or just above

-Cram 15. 25, or 40 people into an event

-Run the same few workshops over and over to cut down on planning and development

-Use the cheapest materials you can find

-Make most of your money from retail

-Be a franchise or corporation

…Yeah, we don’t do much of the above. We are not a craft event franchise, nor a corporation, and certainly NOT a money-making machine. We charge exactly what we need to to squeak by. We are a one-woman-owned-and-run company, with a team of instructors putting in hours behind the scenes to bring you memorable, joyful learning experiences.

Quality instruction, quality materials, and the hours to organize these events, cannot be achieved with, say, a $40 workshop price tag.

CLASS SIZE Our classes are small— 12 at the most; more often nine or ten. This allows each student to receive feedback and encouragement every step of the way, and is less stressful for our instructors, allowing them to give their best. More students in each class would mean a lower price tag— but it’s not worth it.

MATERIALS We provide quality materials, made in Canada whenever possible. We put in time sourcing the best materials for the fairest price.

VARIETY It’s true, if we ran the same workshop on a repeating basis, there would be less work to do— but that’s not what we want. We are not a plant/paint/sign event. We are always developing new workshops, and this takes many hours of planning, collaboration, and preparation.

WORKSHOP-CENTRED MODEL We don’t run our workshops as an “extra” to bring customers into a store— we run them for their own sake, for the love of craft, to bring a high-quality workshop option to Saskatoon. For this to be viable, we can’t just break even; we must charge for all the work we do.

FAIR PAY And most of all, we pay our instructors and administrators a living wage, providing an additional income stream to local makers. Our instructors do extensive prep work, like warping ten looms, making 100 cookies, cutting dozens of clay pieces or hundreds of pieces of rope, making original handouts, and organizing a mountain of supplies to be ready for your enjoyment. It’s only fair that they be paid for these hours.

RUNNING THE SHOW Administratively speaking, running Craft School is a job— there are customer questions to answer, photo shoots to upload, workshop descriptions to edit— that’s what it takes to fill these classes, so that they can exist. We put hours into marketing to fill the classes— again, so they can exist in the first place. Not to mention setup and cleanup (hello frosting bits, fibre scraps, paint splatters and cracker crumbs!).

It’s truly a privilege to be running a business like this. But it’s work, and lots of it.

We hope you see the value in what we do and why we do it, and are as excited by the possibilities as we are. Thanks for your interest, your support, and for keeping it local and crafty.